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We are a product shop focussed on making, not talking. We don't believe in one right formula for success - we prefer to get our hands dirty making something that works for you.

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We are the pragmatists who translate your dream into a real-life context. We won't try to change your vision - we give you tools to fulfil it. From strategy to development, we take you through all the stages leading up to the birth of your product. Once that's done we bid you farewell, giving you space to shine.

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case study 1


Fighting pandemic with technology

das:lab was founded amidst the pandemic in an attempt to make Covid-19 tests more accessible to a wider audience. The app we built both for web and mobile devices allows interested parties to both book tests in the nearby station and to later see their result as soon as they're ready. In partnership with accredited laboratories, we digitalised the entire process making it more efficient and safe.

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case study 2


CO2 offsetting marketplace

Planetly is a climate tech venture whose primary products are carbon offsetting marketplace and analytics tool. We were asked to participate in product validation and MVP development, working closely with the founders to bring their idea to life.

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case study 3


Haircare meets technology

At the beginning there was an idea- the last thing our client wanted was another mass hair care product for men. They wanted to celebrate the wide range of hair types that exist in our world and cater to their special needs. That's where technology, and we, came in.

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case study 4


B2B energy marketplace

Amperas is a B2B marketplace that allows companies to procure energy. The company operates both direct to business and in direct sales model.

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case study 5


B2C metal recycling

Remetal is a B2C marketplace that buys scrap metals from consumers and sells them directly to foundries and industrial metal purchasers. We helped them optimise their processes by going digital.

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